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SC Field

We have acquired a promising new field in Poltava region, with the potential for long running commercial production.

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Working Interest %
Licence Area km²
C1+C2 Reserves MMboe


We hold a 100% working interest in, and are the operator of, the Svystunkivsko-Chervonolutske licence area. The licence was granted to the company in May 2017 for 20 years, with possibility of further extension.

The licence covers an area of 97km2 which is administratively located in the Lokhvytsia and Hadiachi districts of Poltava region in north-eastern Ukraine, only 15km from our SV field. The licence is prospective for natural gas and condensate. The field has been the subject of exploration since the 1980s and five wells have been drilled since then, although currently none is in production.


The field deposits are located within near-axial part of the Dnipro-Donets basin on the northern slope of Zhdanivsk paleozoic depression, between the Pisochansky and Petrovoromensky salt stocks, and is surrounded by other oil and gas fields.

In the geological structure there are sedimentary deposits of the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras. As with the productive reservoirs in the SV field, the prospective reservoirs of the field are Visean, at depths of between 4,600 and 6,000 metres.


The field has around 38 million boe C1 and C2 reserves (under the Ukrainian classification, DKZ), comprising 4.9 billion m3 of gas and 857 tonnes of condensate.

Why invest in us

In a challenging, shifting environment, only those paying attention will succeed. Disciplined performance, rigorous planning and a highly experienced team mean we’re able to operate to top quartile benchmarks in every aspect of our business. Our plan is to grow – steadily and strongly.

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