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Term Description
MEX-GOL Mekhediviska-Golotvshinska field in the Poltava region, in the north-east of Ukraine.
SV Svyrydivske field in the Poltava region, in the north-east of Ukraine.
SC Svystunivsko-Chervonolutskyi field in the Poltava region, in the north-east of Ukraine.
VAS Vasyschevskoye field in the Kharkiv region, in the east of Ukraine.
VED Vvdenska block, an area in the eastern part of the VAS licence.
GCF Gas and condensate field.
GPP Gas preparation plant.
CSU Condensate stabilisation unit.
MSS Metering and separation station.
LPG Liquified petroleum gas.
1P reserves Proved reserves: both proved developed reserves + proved undeveloped reserves.
2P reserves Proved + probable reserves.
3P reserves Proved + probable + possible reserves.
C1 reserves Proved undeveloped reserves; explored (classification in post-Soviet countries).
C2 reserves Probable and possible reserves; estimated (classification in post-Soviet countries).
C3 reserves Cоntingent resources, potentially recoverable volumes associated with a development plan that targets discovered volumes but is not (yet) commercial (classification in post-Soviet countries).
boe Barrel of oil equivalent.
MMboe Million Barrels of Oil Equivalent
GDP Gross domestic product.
Unconventional gas Natural gas that requires advanced production methods.
AIM AIM Market of London Stock Exchange Plc.
HSE Health, safety and environment refers to the observance and protection of occupational health and safety rules and regulations along with environmental protection.
QHSE Quality, health, safety and environment refers to the processes and activities that are carried out in relation to these matters.
Near Miss Minor accidents or close calls that have the potential for property loss or injury.
ISO International Organization for Standardization.
OHSAS Occupational health and safety management systems.
DSTU State Standard of Ukraine.
D&M DeGolyer and MacNaughton: a petroleum consulting company based in Dallas, Texas (US).
QCA code Quoted Companies Alliance Corporate Governance Code 2018.
FCA Financial Conduct Authority, a financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom. The largest electronic platform for public and commercial trading in Ukraine, an official participant of ProZorro.
ProZorro Public state-run electronic procurement system in Ukraine.
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