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Current Development Strategy

We believe there is great potential in Ukraine’s market, and we intend to grow. Steadily and strongly.

Having successfully grown our resource base, Enwell Energy has extensive and capital-intensive development plans in progress, including upgrading infrastructure and equipment, introducing innovative new technologies, and drilling new wells.

At the MEX-GOL and SV fields, planned development work includes commencing drilling of a new well, planning for a further new well or sidetracking of an existing well in the SV field, investigating workover opportunities for existing wells, installing additional compression equipment, further upgrading of the gas processing facilities and pipeline network, and remedial and upgrade work on existing wells, pipelines and other infrastructure. At the VAS field, we are planning for a new well to explore the VED prospect, installation of compression equipment and making upgrades to the gas processing facilities, pipeline network and other infrastructure.

We also continue to refine our geological subsurface models of the MEX-GOL, SV and VAS fields, in order to enhance our strategies for the further development of the fields.

Given that we have 100% operatorship of our assets, we have contingency plans in place and can promptly modify our strategy and plans should future economic and operational realities dictate. At the same time, we are taking a highly discerning approach to selecting new merger and acquisition opportunities.

We also continue to invest heavily in our people’s skills and knowledge, while taking steps to build a strong performance-oriented culture with high productivity.

Why we believe continued growth lies ahead

Looking forward over the next three to five years, we are optimistic about our growth prospects. Here are the key reasons why.

1. Demand for gas forecast to grow globally and in Ukraine.

Natural gas emits less pollution than other fossil fuels. In a future of tougher environmental regulation, it is the only fossil fuel whose share in global energy consumption is forecast to grow.

By 2025, gas is expected to become the world’s second largest source of energy, converging with oil by 2040. The average annual growth rate is forecast to be around 2%.

Only approximately two thirds of Ukraine’s gas demand is domestically produced with prices therefore tending to follow the prices in Europe.

The gas market in Ukraine is currently being liberalised, which will allow local oil and gas producers greater access to and effectively increase our market by an estimated 240%.

2. A steadily improving situation in Ukraine.

The fiscal and economic situation in Ukraine has been improving for a number of years now. Inflation is lower, exchange rate volatility is lower, and GDP growth is up.

3. Investing in the future.

Having successfully grown our resource base, the Group has extensive and capitalintensive development plans in place and in process, including drilling new wells, upgrading infrastructure and equipment, and introducing innovative new technology in our operational activities. Given that we have 100% operatorship of our assets, we have the ability to maintain rigidly monitored contingency planning and can promptly modify schedules and plans should future economic and operational realities dictate. At the same time, we take a highly discerning approach to selecting new business opportunities.

We are also investing in our people, building a strong performance-oriented culture, with high productivity.

4. Large and growing reserves.

Through careful and incremental development of our fields, our proved plus probable (2P) reserves have grown to over 58 MMboe.

5. A disciplined operator.

We work in a carefully structured way. We are focused on implementing projects on time and on budget, through the use of optimal technological solutions and rigorous risk management. A disciplined and detailed budgeting process is essential to the cost forecasting and performance discipline we pursue. We have a very strong QHSE record. Our Continuous Improvement System (targeting employee initiative feedback and refinement) means we are focused on getting better at what we do, day by day, and year by year.

As a result, we have the ability to produce in lower oil or gas price environments.

6. Take nothing for granted.

Rigid financial and risk planning reduces our exposure to external factors. We always ensure capital is available for our planning horizon. We maintain a discerning eye for potential new business opportunities and acquisitions, although we ensure that our selection criteria are stringent and challenging. We manage production levels to preserve reservoir performance.

A growth strategy designed for challenging times

As we continue to take careful steps to maximise the value of our fields, Enwell Energy’s growth strategy is measured, disciplined and smart. It is a strategy designed for challenging but opportunity-rich times.

Our operations

We currently have four fields in production and development.

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