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Local communities

We aim to conduct business in an open and responsible manner, and we feel a particular responsibility to the local communities where we operate. We work hard to build strong local relationships and to make a positive impact.

We recognise that our operations can affect the environment where we operate, and managing and minimising the impact and creating positive benefits is an important part of our obligations as a responsible business.

The main ways we make a positive impact is by:

  • creating new jobs;
  • paying all taxes we owe on time;
  • implementing and participating in social projects and programmes.

Wherever possible we share our specialist machinery with communities if they need our help and donate any materials (pipes, furniture, computers etc) when they become surplus to our requirements. We also support local businesses by using them as contractors or suppliers to our operations wherever feasible.

We maintain an ongoing dialogue with local people, regularly engaging in public discussions to identify social risks and concerns and then address, mitigate or avoid them completely.

We intend to have a positive impact on the communities and environment where we work.


We pay all taxes our operations incur, and are one of the top 100 tax payers in Ukraine.

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Social projects

We contribute to local communities and support the local environment in a range of ways, including donating equipment to schools, helping repair hospitals and installing street lights.

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