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Safety at work

Safety at work is fundamental and underpins all our success. We continue to improve our safety standards by introducing new processes and projects, including our recently implemented Near Miss reporting system.

We have introduced new production processes which are intended to meet or exceed all applicable health and safety standards in Ukraine, as well as aiming to be more efficient than previously. In 2018, our operations were re-certified as complying with international standards of occupational safety and health management systems, in particular, the State Standard of Ukraine ISO 9001:2015, State Standard of Ukraine OHSAS 18001:2010, and ISO 14001:2015.

In 2019, we launched our Near Miss reporting system, designed to increase occupational health and safety by detecting and eliminating dangerous incidents, situations, and practices (“Near Misses”). We now centrally record all Near Misses in our workplaces and seek to establish ways to reduce or eliminate the chances of dangerous incidents occurring in the future. During the year, we implemented practical training sessions and generated a register of reported Near Misses, ranked by risk level (identification, recognition and mitigation as a key to safe working).

In 2020, we are advancing our Near Miss reporting system by introducing a fully electronic process, carrying out Near Miss training for internal auditors and coaches, rolling out engaging new ways to detect and eliminate Near Misses, and introducing Near Miss KPIs for our team.

The preservation of human life and health is our highest value, and we will continue to work hard to further raise occupational health and safety standards.

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