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Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in operating to top quartile ethical, safety and environmental standards, and we intend to make a positive impact wherever we work.

Transparency and fairness

We succeed in business by working in an honest and ethical way, and we will not countenance bribery and corruption. Our anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy explains our approach to these issues. It’s also important that all our stakeholders are well informed about our work, and know that we carry out tenders in a transparent and fair way.

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Our people

Our people are our most valuable asset. We work hard to develop the talents and skills of our team, and we endeavour to recruit outstanding new employees to enrich our capabilities. At the same time, we place paramount emphasis on safety at work, and have and continue to implement rigorous new processes and training across the business.

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Environmental protection

We regularly update and modernise our infrastructure and ways of working to improve efficiency and reduce our impact on the natural world. Independent environmental research companies monitor the environment in the areas in which we operate to ensure that we meet the relevant standards and regulations.

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Local communities

We work hard to give back to the communities where we work, not just by creating jobs and paying taxes, but by maintaining and contributing to local organisations and infrastructure. Among other things, we support local schools (materials for repair works, funding of school meals) and youth sports, and as well as the repair of roads and local infrastructure.

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