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Talent development

The future success of our business depends on developing the skills of our people, and we have a range of ways we do this.

Internal candidates

One of the most important ways that we develop our employees is by finding internal candidates to fill vacancies whenever possible. This offers our people potentially fast career growth and helps them develop professionally.


We ensure employees have a wide range of training and educational opportunities, with internal and external training, the opportunity to attend industry events, and free access to professional literature.

Corporate awards

Our system of corporate awards is a way of recognising employees’ achievements and efforts, and helps motivate them to strive to fulfil their potential.

Competitive salaries

Our grade system defines salaries for different positions and ensures that across the company duties of similar complexity and value receive comparative remuneration. We regularly monitor the market to ensure our salaries are competitive.


In addition to salaries, we have a bonus programme based on a combination of business results and appraisal of pre-set and agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for individual employees. The bonus programme rewards performance results and contributions to the company’s development.

Corporate competency model

Our corporate competency model encourages the kinds of behaviour that drive efficient performance and support our strategic goals. Employees are evaluated each year according to the model. This helps us select individuals for promotion as well as to identify the skills that need further development through our training programmes.

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