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Social projects

Our social activities and local infrastructure projects are designed to positively impact the areas where we operate.


We recognise the critical importance of health, both at individual and societal levels, and so do our best to support medical establishments in the areas where we have a presence.

For example, for many years the company has supported the District Hospital in Lokhvytsia (Poltava region), helping to fund energy efficiency projects, repairing the building, acquiring important medical equipment for the hospital, etc.

Local infrastructure

We are aware that our success is underpinned by the local communities where we operate, and we maintain a number of programmes of local support.

Helping repair roads, install street lights and maintain cultural centres has become a tradition for the company. During each Christmas holiday we send local communities presents for children, and on the annual village or town days we prepare treats and surprises.


Protecting the natural environment has never been more important.

We assess and identify the potential risks and impacts our operations may have on the environment and work hard to mitigate these risks. We work to top quartile ecological standards at our installations and regularly monitor the environment.


We offer support to schools and other educational establishments in the areas where we operate, providing modern study equipment and materials to renovate and repair facilities, and financing important educational projects.


We make regular donations to municipal, educational, social, medical and cultural institutions.

Occupational health and safety

We not only care about safe work conditions for our employees, but we also support safer working conditions in local communities. For example, in 2019 we bought specially designed safety shoes for the Special Purpose Rescue Unit of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Poltava region.


We care about the physical development of our employees and encourage them to follow healthy lifestyles. As well as having our own staff sports teams, we also support sporting activities within our local communities – for example by buying sports equipment, repairing sports grounds and participating in local competitions.

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