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Our people

Our people are our most valuable asset. We work hard to develop our employees’ skills and potential and offer them an exciting career ahead.

Today Enwell Energy is a team of highly engaged professionals who are strongly motivated to achieve consistently strong performance and results. Our specialists have long experience in the oil and gas industry in multiple countries and across the regions of Ukraine, including both state-owned and private companies. Our management team not only have wide industry knowledge, they also have professional experience in strategic business development, financial modelling and corporate finance.

The company’s culture is positive and inspiring. Our people are enabled and prepared to make decisions and take responsibility for them. As a business we take time to recognise the contribution that each employee makes to our common success.

Safety at work

Ultimately human life and health is our most important value. We have introduced new occupational safety processes, including our Near Miss project (designed to collectively record and mitigate all potentially dangerous incidents and situations in our workplace), to continue to raise our safety standards.

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Talent development

Everyone who works at Enwell Energy is supported in learning and progressing in their work and their career. We are promoting the development of our talented team in a number of ways.

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