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Environmental protection

Protecting the natural environment has never been more important. We carefully monitor the effects of our operations, regularly upgrade equipment to minimise our impact, and have introduced strict quality, health, safety and environmental policies.

We work to mitigate our environmental impact in many ways, including taking a responsible attitude to methods of production, carefully coordinating our activities, using only high-quality materials certified to international standards, and frequently updating our technologies and processes.

We have been accredited to environmental standard DSTU ISO 14001:2006 Environmental Management Systems, and our QHSE policies are designed raise standards in these areas.

Regular monitoring of environmental indicators for ongoing projects ensures we can continually assess our impact on the environment.

Modernised infrastructure

We continue to modernise our production infrastructure in order to improve both operational and environmental performance.

Over recent years we have progressively upgraded infrastructure, including the metering and separation station (MSS) at the gas processing facility at the MEX-GOL and SV fields. This involved replacement of equipment and automation of various processes, allowing us to solve a number of issues and reduce our environmental impact through, in particular:

  • significant reduction of gas flaring, gas losses and air emissions;
  • expansion of pollution controls in and around the area;
  • development of an enclosed gas measuring system on a well;
  • stricter observance of environmental laws and safety regulations.

We also installed a new condensate stabilisation unit (“CSU”) at the MSS, enabling us to use raw materials more efficiently and greatly improve the MSS’s environmental performance. We also installed facilities to produce LPG at the MEX-GOL and SV fields. The LPG produced is not only a very marketable product (liquefied propane-butane) but is also a very environmentally friendly hydrocarbon fuel.

Our quality, health, safety and environmental policies

Our policies for quality, health, safety and environment protection focuses on the following:

  • using our capabilities in the most efficient ways possible;
  • protecting and improving environmental conditions where we work;
  • improving occupational safety and health;
  • developing and expanding employees’ skills.

Environmental monitoring

From time to time we commission independent environmental research companies to monitor the state of soil, underground and open water, plant and animal life throughout the entire area of our activities. These searches have never detected any violation of the relevant environmental standards.

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